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The very talented Joana Ricou has graciously agreed to tackle a challenge she has never done before, all in the name of raising money for JJB.  Like any big win, she has been preparing.  This is the blog she put out today:

I’ve been invited to create and complete a new piece live in 3 hours for a benefit towards the Jonah’s Just Begun foundation which fundraises to support research on Sanfilippo Type C.  It’s an honor to be part of this event and I’m really excited for the challenge.Most of my paintings take on average 1 – 3 months to make so figuring out how to do a piece in 3 hrs is a huge jump.  I’ve decided to create a piece from the HeLa cells series since these cells are used in the study of Sanfilippo.  The use of masking tape in these works adds a fun dynamic and leads to quick changes in the work which may make the performance more fun.I’m preparing for it almost like for a sport event: I’ve been practicing using acrylics (and discovered I’m an oil snob but now a recovering one) and experimenting with different media to test out drying times and effects.

8 x 8 in – 40 min Despite my reservations using acrylics, the resulting contrast is still very interesting.  Acrylic does make it a lot easier to manipulate the masking tape because the paint dries so quickly.

10 x 10 in – 40 min I cheated on this one though, I went back the next day and did more glazing.  Really excited about the composition, though!  That extra long line coming from the top right caught me by surprise.
10 x 10 in – 30 min Playing with acrylics also means playing with some acrylic “toys” like gold paint.  This piece was the fastest although it had significantly less layering than the others.  The gold had a wonderful shine to it.
I have three hours on the big day so I’m considering making a piece on two large panels (36 x 24 in!).  The two panels will let me take turns working on each while the other dries.
The other part of preparing is sketching out a composition.  Here are some sketches:
I’m thinking of a dark panel and a light panel but with similar color schemes which are typical of my work.
The second composition has more accurate proportion.
There is some preparing I can do ahead of time but ultimately the “magic” has to happen in the moment.  I hope my muse is with me…
-Joana Ricou
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