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On May 5th, 2013, Jonny Lee Miller, who plays, Sherlock Holmes on CBS’s new hit show, “Elementary”, ran an ultra-marathon (50miles), in honor of , Jonah’s Just Begun. It took Jonny just under 13hours to complete the race.


Jonny set his monetary goal at $160,000 dollars, these proceeds will help initiate the Natural History Study (NHS) for Sanfilippo type C. Read about our NHS here:

Thanks to the generous donations of Jonny’s fans, he was able to raise $140,000 of this goal.

On September 5th, 2013, Jonny announced his second ultra-marathon in honor of JJB. The run will happen September 29th .  Jonny hopes to raise another $20,000 to meet his original goal. Thanks to Jonny and his amazing fans, sponsors and supporters, we’re confident that Jonny will reach his goal of $160,000 dollars and our NHS will be initiated.

JJB has already received an anonymous offer to match the next $5,000 dollars raised in Jonny’s run. When we reach $146,000 dollars our generous supporter will make the match. Watch our proceeds jump from $146,000 to $151,000, be a part of the movement and help us make the match. Follow our progress and donate today on Jonny’s crowdrise page.

A special thanks to CBS, who made a very generous donation, and to Oakley, who sponsored the run with a donation of 100 pair of glasses.  The Oakley sunglasses are being sold on ebay and the sales of these have already raised $8,000 towards Jonny’s goal. Click below to take a look at  JJB’s ebay.

Jonah’s Just Begun eBay

Watch for Jonny’s updates on Twitter. Follow him @jonnyjlm. Follow, Jonah’s Just Begun @JJB4CURE.  I know all of our local New York fans will be waiting to cheer Jonny on at this year’s New York Marathon!  The race continues.


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