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In light of everything that has gone down the past few weeks, we are calling off our Halloween fundraiser Gingerbread House of Horror. We hope to postpone to next year. Mari is working on that now.
Jonah is not a happy camper about this wheelchair thing, it has unleashed the lion in him, and that is NOT what he wanted to be for Halloween. Jonah has to undergo an MRI so we can try and find the source of the pain. NOT FUN. Bottom line, Jonah can’t walk. It’s so hard when Jonah can’t articulate exactly what happened and where exactly it hurts.
Jonah has been watching us work hard planning and pulling together decoration. He thinks its a party for him and all his friends. So we are all a little bummed, but we want to make each fundraiser a memorable experience for all and that just can’t happen at the moment. Something has got to give. So we’re giving up the fundraiser (for now).
For those that donated presents for the raffle items, we will use for the next event. If anyone prefers, we can mail them the items. Sponsorship checks and tickets will be refunded.
Stay tuned to find out when we will be rescheduling. Have a safe and hauntingly happy Halloween.
JJB- Jill, Jeremy, Jonah, and Mari
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